The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. (Lux ) - Shadows - Jennifer L KB. (Lux 1) Obsidian - Jennifer L Armentrout. Jennifer L. Armentrout - Lux 1 - KB. Jennifer L. Armentrout - Lux 2 - KB. Jennifer L. Armentrout - Lux 3 - KB. Kiersten White - And I MB. 1 Alycia Linwood - The Tainted Elements ().epub. KB. 1 Jennifer L. Armentrout - KB.

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    Obsidian Epub

    Obsidian (A Lux Novel series) by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Read {PDF Epub} Download Obsidian: Alle fünf Bände der Best by Jennifer L. Armentro from the story She by beebegall58 with 6 reads. place, section, time. Obsidian. Lux (Series). Book 1. Jennifer L. Armentrout Author Justine Eyre Narrator (). cover image of Obsidian. Obsidian. Lux (Series). Book 1. Jennifer L.

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    Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. She also writes adult and new adult romance under the name J. Lynn, she is published by Entangled Publishing and HarperCollins. Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. How many copies would you like to download? Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout Series: A Lux Novel No. Add to Cart Add to Cart.

    Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. And then he opened his mouth. The hot alien living next door marks me. More Children's.

    It took him longer. A lot longer. Closing his eyes, he allowed sleep to tug him under. Smooth and warm, her skin invited his petting hand, his wolf rubbing up against the inside of his own skin in an effort to get closer to her.

    He was about to run his palm over her arm when his eye fell on his wrist and the watch he wore. His shift started at six-fifteen. Sliding carefully out of bed and soothing Evie with a stroking hand when she complained, he pulled the comforter back over her, then thrust his feet into his boots. About to leave, he remembered his promise and scribbled Evie an I. Eight hours later, he came off shift and walked into his room to find Evie waiting for him.

    Her panties were peach colored this time and just as tiny. In her hand was his I. She held it up between two fingers, smiled. Someone freaking loved him , Tai thought, locking the door and grabbing her around the waist to lift her up against his aroused body. Laughing, she kissed him, her arms tight around his neck and her trust an aphrodisiac nothing could beat. Two wolves growing into their skins…and toward each other.

    Cherry Lover by Victoria Quinn

    Her small cabin had been enlarged to a sprawling five bedroom house in record time, thanks to the combined efforts of her community and a squad of Arrows. The Arrows had done the majority of the physical work, the more experienced builders who lived nearby drawing up the plans and sharing their knowledge and experience.

    Ivy had made sure the extension included large communal spaces. Between the dining area and the kitchen was a comfortable arrangement of sofas and chairs set around a low table. Relaxation was a foreign concept. But with her own security now ramped up, she knew the situation was changing at a rapid pace. And one day, those children would have eyes of a wintry grey that to her held the universe. Swallowing the lump of emotion, she smoothed her hands over the wooden table built by her Arrow and his best friend.

    It served no purpose but to be a joyful splash of color. Ivy could do such things openly now. She no longer had to hide her instincts and inclinations, no longer had to live in fear, her mind painfully chained. She was an E, an empath, and she found joy in taking care of those around her, in ensuring they were happy and content, in creating a home that held unconditional welcome.

    The first few times Vasic had teleported out without warning, Rabbit had barked for several minutes in aggrieved irritation, then ignored Vasic for at least an hour after he returned—though even then, Rabbit never went far.

    [Doc] Black Forever (Obsidian Book 4) Epub

    These days, Vasic just took him along except when the situation might be a dangerous one. Their pet was probably the most well-traveled pup in the entire world. Phantom fingers brushing back her unbound hair, her telekinetic lover caressing her in a way only he could.

    He was no empath but Vasic could read her like an open book. Part of it was the psychic bond that linked them heart to heart, but the rest of it was just Vasic. This was for no reason but to have a social gathering.

    She hoped the success of this small dinner would lead to a deeper sense of comfort among the attendees, which would then spill over onto the rest of the squad. It smells new, smells like possibility and hope. Scrunching up her nose at the man she adored beyond life, Ivy rose on tiptoe to kiss him.

    Just because he was hers and he was teasing her and she loved touching him. He knew how to smile, her lover, though his lips rarely curved. His taste sank into her bones, his warmth and strength as familiar a caress as the kiss that melted her.

    Vasic slid his hand over her curves as she hopped down to the ground. Neither had an intense taste. Checking to ensure the stew was bubbling on the cooker, she turned to Vasic. Ivy had clipped those nails recently, after sitting Rabbit on her lap. She knew that tread. They were connected by inseparable bonds, her Arrow and his best friend. Even with his balance off directly after the operation, Vasic had lost none of that grace.

    Of course, Samuel was determined to build him an integrated prosthetic. Vasic gave her a measuring look when she stood up, his eyes intent. Then he held out his arm. Walking over to tuck herself against him, she reached out a hand to Aden. She would never forget that. Today he allowed her to curl her fingers around his palm in welcome before they separated.


    Sensing another presence right then, Ivy made an inarticulate sound and broke away from Vasic. Jaya hugged her back just as enthusiastically before they separated. I also thought you could do with a little backup. Thank you. Ivy glanced over her shoulder to see that Abbot had joined Vasic and Aden.

    Turning back to her friend, she continued to speak on the telepathic level. Monthly Newsletter How are you and your Arrow doing? Jaya eyes shone wet. I have no words, Ivy. He loves me with a depth that steals my breath. She pressed a fisted hand against her heart, rubbed. Love does that. Walking inside, the hard-eyed commander held up a small box wrapped in silver paper and tied with a ribbon of the same color. It had a professional touch, as if done in a store.

    Never would she have thought Zaira would do this. Zaira gave a curt nod just as Rabbit got up from his seated position and made a beeline for the Venetian commander. Tail wagging, he woofed excitedly at her.

    Ivy had the feeling Aden was telepathing Zaira at the same time as he spoke the words aloud. Whatever their silent discussion, they turned as one to her and nodded in acceptance of her offer.

    Behind her, Jaya was already ladling out the water into the glasses Ivy had set out. Taking them from her friend, Ivy handed the drinks out not just to Aden and Zaira, but also to Abbot. Vasic shook his head at her silent question when she raised a glass toward him. Now, her Arrow touched his hand to her lower back. Enough guests for a satisfactory housewarming?

    Oh yes. She paused mid-sentence after becoming aware of another new presence…more than one. Vasic glanced at the door at the same time. Ivy telepathed Vasic, delight bubbling in her bloodstream. Did you? But I did ask Aden to let it be known that we were having a housewarming event and all Arrows were welcome.

    No one was ordered to come—Aden was very careful to couch it as an open invitation our squadmates were free to accept or decline. Her heart swelled again. Rising on tiptoe, she cupped his clean-shaven jaw in her hands, kissed him. I love you. As Ivy soaked in the caress, she was aware of the other Arrows watching. That was all right.

    They needed to see love, needed to see affection, needed to know this future could be theirs, too. Ivy bit back a smile. She wondered what the locals were making of this influx of black-clad soldiers. Her table overflowed. Arrows sat on the couches, gathered in small groups in the open spaces. The Arrows were watchful and quiet for the most part, but they tasted her drink, her food.

    The conversation, when she caught pockets of it, was mostly about missions and tactics. Jaya was talking about her family, about a child empath she was helping to train. The other empath leaned companionably into Ivy as Ivy came up beside her. A small, furry body wiggled between her and Jaya at that instant, Rabbit looking up with his eyes shining. Tamar immediately went down to her knees.

    Bouncing over to her, Rabbit wallowed in her enthusiastic petting. Leaving Tamar and Jaya to talk, she walked around, ensuring all her guests were happy—or at least comfortable. However they were here and they were staying despite the fact the house was full and arms were brushing, shoulders bumping.

    At some point, she realized they were swapping in and out, some going on shift or on assignment while others came off.

    It was one a. Three had come in at midnight, after completing missions. They helped Ivy and Vasic clean up—not that there was much to do. Arrows were compulsively neat and sometime during the party, any used dishes had been put into the washer, the cycle run.

    There was no debris. All the five of them really had to do was tidy up any chairs or sofas that were out of position.

    Afterward, Ivy told the others to take a seat at the dining table while she mixed up hot nutrient drinks. Instead, they chose the relaxed seating arrangement next to the kitchen area.

    By the time she sat down next to Vasic, curling up her legs on the sofa and fitting herself against his side, the discussion had moved on to the training of child Arrows when it came to their dangerous abilities. Vasic, Ivy knew, would make sure to give Aden a breakdown of all the different suggestions. The Arrow leader was currently weighing up options for the long-term.

    Short-term plans were already in place, with pain and torture no longer on the discipline and training menu. No more Arrow children would grow up as Vasic had, as Aden had, as these three sitting here had. A world where gatherings such as this one would be an ordinary part of their life.

    This new part of the house no longer felt too new, too full of space.

    It carried the echo of many voices now, the imprint of many lives. It had become a home. Marlee wondered where Ben had gone. Grabbing an extra slice while no one was looking, she wrapped it up in a tissue and put it in her pocket, then went looking for her friend. First, she had to find Ben. She went straight to the edge of the white zone and the tree where he had a treehouse.

    The forest was outside the perimeter for pups but Ben was naughty and he liked to go to the waterfall sometimes to watch it. Marlee knew because she was often naughty, too.

    Ben shifted at times into his wolf pup form and then his fur would be soft under her hand while they sat there.

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