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Contract -ijjptown Chronicle - Operative society within SLA Industries - The . SLA Industries immerses characters in a world that enhances emotions of all kinds. About SLA Industries. Released in , SLA Industries' gameworld is one of dark horror, violence and paranoia, overlaid with a dystopian satire on our own. Index background Search: Sla Industries (10 results) Cubicle 7 Entertainment: Sla Industries () Nightfall Games: Sla Industries ( PDF).

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Items 1 - 6 of 6 20 hunter sheets and a threat analysis on the Root Dogs in one page PDF. Visit the SLA Industries Forum to discuss this product. [click here. This is the PDF of the page SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 miniature skirmish game rulebook includes all the essential rules required to. SLA Industries - Operative, Employee, Contract Killer, Necanthrope, Ebon, PDF . $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (26 ratings). Operative.

Society split between truth and deception, conflict and political subversion, style and horror. Television and Insanity. Fighting for your life as an oblivious public watches on, awaiting your last breath between the adverts. The media channels all the young hopefuls into their vessels. Nihilism is a way of life. Strive for originality in a world of outrage and conformity and diversity.

Eventually, Brent tried to kill him. That day, Brent's father booked an appointment with a psychiatrist called Dr Burnen. Dr Burnen quickly became fascinated by Brent, who remained quiet and reserved throughout his treatment. Burnen could not make any progress with Brent, who seemed guarded against all of Burnen's efforts to cure him.

SLA Industries

Tide was looking after Brent, by working around the 'psychobabble' of the good doctor. Tide analysed all that Burnen said and did and prepared answers for Brent. Burnen knew there was something more to this boy and wanted to learn the truth behind him, but Brent and Tide worked to well as a team to guard the secrets from him. Burnen needed aid to 'crack the kid' and learn these secrets that he had only a glimpse of, so he approached the hospital board for help, and unfortunately, he got it.

They were led by a Doctor Crantham, a charming man with an immaculate black suit and a poppy-red tie. Crantham ordered all information pertaining to Brent Walker to be handed over to him immediately, stating that Burnen was no longer on the Walker case.

Burnen started to argue. Before he could understand what he had started, he was given extended leave and told his position within the psychiatric profession would be reviewed in one month's time.

Burnen appealled, but he knew this would be useless. Whoever this Crantham was, he had government backing and security clearances that could get him anywhere. That scared Burnen, that and talk of the 'Walker subject' - to them Brent was nothing more than property, owned by the British government, and, more importantly, by Crantham. Crantham talked extensively with Brent, telling him exactly what Brent wanted to hear.

Brent viewed Crantham as the answer to all his prayers; at last there was someone who understood. Crantham explained to Brent that he was gifted - with his sight of his restricted universe - and there were others who existed with this gift.

He also explained that he had been gathering these gifted people 'for their protection from a harsh and unsympathetic society'. He had gathered them within the Crantham Foundation, a society set up by Dr Crantham himself for this very purpose. Crantham also explained that he would rather develop Brent's gift than cure it, it would be better for Brent in the long run.

Tide warned Brent not to trust the man; there was something not right about the whole situation. Tide despised Crantham. He suspected that the whole situation was a trap. He was right. At this point, the world around Brent started to change.

It became a more sinister and unpleasant place. Reathanol was a stimulant like no other. It enhanced the brain's creative capabilities - ideas formed every second, and potentials were pushed beyond all normal limits.

In the hands of writers or artists, Reathanol would allow them to be producing new works every minute of the day. It would make you feel alive, keeping them awake and free from fatigue until they had finished. One of the major side effects was that the barriers between what was real and imaginary break down, leaving confusion. The other side effect was that people usually only survive about six months to a year after taking Reathanol.

What Next?

It was a destructive and addictive drug. Death through Reathanol addiction was not pleasant. First comes insanity, then brain haemorrhage and death. Once inside the asylum, Brent was placed in a straitjacket and left in a cell on his own. Brent now realised that this was where he would spend the rest of his days, hooked on Reathanol until he died.

Slowly, he slipped into the world of his and Tide's creation, fuelled by the Reathanol fixes he received. His world started to take shape and form, diagrams depicting races and cultures, attitudes and beliefs scrawled across his cell walls - paper had long since run out.

Brent became lost in creativity. He had forgotten his one and only friend, Tide. Tide was left alone, scared and jealous of what Brent was doing. Tide wondered what would happen if Brent did create this place.

Would Tide be lost and forgotten forever? TIDE Tide understood that Crantham was responsible for Brent's immersion into his own world and his slow self- destruction. Tide knew this was a trap and that Crantham had reasons for bringing Brent there. The creation of this universe in Brent's mind must have been the reason. Tide took over Brent's body to take care of Crantham, but was not prepared for Crantham's response. Crantham then told Tide that Brent didn't need him anymore, not since he had his own world and his fix of Reathanol.

Tide was lost in fear and despair. Crantham consoled him and soothes him with honeyed words. He told Tide that he was the one that the doctor truly wanted, not Brent. He told Tide that he knew how he could become independent of Brent completely, truly real in every sense. Tide mades one mistake - he believed him. Tide listened to Crantham and managed a separate quasi-existence from Brent, where he and Crantham talked about Crantham's plans for Tide. He was surprised to find that only five others were there although he found out that there were other locations like it all over the globe.

The other residents were: Gideon Dean, a 55 year old failed priest and morphine addict. Romane Bouraeff, aka The Flail, a 26 year old serial killer from Hungary who killed religious cult leaders he himself was a fanatic of his own religion. Jane Burrows, a 20 year old with a long list of drug addictions.

She made regular escape attempts from the asylum the wardens could set their watches by her. Harvey Everton, a 24 year old rebel with a criminal record as long as your arm. Jean Marceau, an 8 year old from Paris, the youngest inmate and the one with the least idea about what was truly going on. Brent, Harvey and Jane formed an immediate friendship and managed to keep each other amused in the face of such morbid and depressing surroundings.

As their time together progressed, they learnt a great deal about each other and themselves. Brent started to experience frequent dizzy spells and often lost track of periods of time. Sometimes he remembered events that he was not part of, at least not really part of. What Brent didn't understand was that slowly Tide was changing, and he was taking over Brent's mind and body. He fell to the floor and convulsed painfully. He called to Tide for help, but when Tide appeared to him, he seemed changed, more real than before, more sinister and dangerous.

Tide explained that he didn't need Brent anymore; he had his own existence to lead and didn't need a nobody like Brent under his feet, ruining his new-found existence. Brent feared what Tide had become. He had always known that Tide had power, but he'd never allowed him access to the outside world. Tide just did not belong there.

Tide was only too pleased to tell Brent all of Crantham's schemes and plans. He told Brent how Crantham was using everyone in this asylum and others like it for his own ends. He was the puppet master who controlled all the strings in a truly grand scheme, the Real Time Project. Each of the participants of Project Real Time would go on to create their own universes upon their deaths. The universes that had existed only in dreams and vague shadows until then would become real upon the deaths of their creators - but the one who outlived the others, the strongest, would create the most viable, most stable universe.

Wthout a chance to complete the creation of the universe, it would quickly collapse. It had to be self- consistent to remain, and Crantham desperately needed an enduring creation, so that he could make use of it. Crantham convinced each of the inmates that they had the best potential on the project. He told them that they had reached the final point in the programme.

The final goal he gave them was to eliminate all the other inmates, 'for the sake of Real Time'. Crantham started with Gideon Dean. Gideon had made a deal with Romane to share their universes between them. All Crantham wanted Romane to do was kill Brent Walker for him. Gideon knew all about Tide, and decided that he was the opposite of all his faith stood for.

SLA Industries Rulebook

Romane shared several religious views with Gideon, and they had both agreed that Tide was evil and had to be destroyed. Crantham knew he would not be able to sway Brent to kill his friends, so he concentrated on Tide. Tide had no problems with killing the others.

They only stood in the way of what he viewed as his 'Big Picture'. The next day Gideon Dean was found dead in his cell. He had hung himself. A note in his cell explained that he had heard the glorious sweet truth of God and had decided to pass onto the next level of understanding. The author of these sweet truths was found lying outside Gideon's cell door, asleep. Jean Marceau could not remember how he got there. Tide had filled Jean's mind with thoughts of darkness and death and sent him to visit Gideon.

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Crantham had Jean removed from the program. He was sent home to Paris to die, no longer any use to the program.

He was not to be the one. Harvey Everton was Crantham's next subject. Harvey iwas ready for Crantham and he explained how he knew that Crantham was cheating them all with lies and broken promises, and how he had committed many crimes in his 'progress'.

Crantham listened intently, then had Harvey removed. That was the last time he was seen alive. His universe was never to be finished. Harvey never really wanted it anyway. Brent could now only see death all around, which started making him even more dark and brooding. He was trying desperately not to become a monster, but Tide was pushing grim thoughts to the surface of Brent's mind. These thoughts changed the universe that was being created there; the darker the thoughts, the darker and more foreboding the universe became.

It grew horrible and desolate, a harsh and merciless place with no love and no hope. Brent didn't want to die to create a place like that. Tide was slowly picking his way through the inmates. He had decided to kill Jane last; to 'save her for later' she posed no immediate threat.

Romane was in solitary confinement as usual - he was far too dangerous to allow free range of the asylum. He could pose a problem, and he wanted Brent dead more than anything else. Tide decided that he would free himself from Brent for good - it was time. His mind was pushed well beyond even its enhanced limits. His world started to finally click into place, but it was not the world Brent had dreamed of. Not his world, but Tide's. The World of Progress was being born, an ugly and desolate universe of despair.

This was the world Tide had been talking of; not the one Brent existed in, but an oppressive realm of sorrow. Worlds and peoples were born, histories created, life breathed into an otherwise empty universe. As Brent's mind coupled with Tide's influence placed the finishing touches on the World of Progress, a roar of triumph bellowed throughout the asylum.

Crantham had decided that it was time to speed up the project's conclusion - he had released Romane Bouraeff, the Flail. He was coming to kill Brent. END GAME The Flail had wrenched chains from the asylum's grounds and bound them together to form a crude version of his namesake, a flail - a crude but effective one, as several orderlies have already found out.

He found the door to Brent's cell already open and Brent waiting inside for him, a strange and twisted grin on his lips. As he stepped into the cell, the door swung closed.

The screams from within echoed throughout the building. The Flail was eventually removed from the cell in a body bag. The orderlies had found him chained to the light fittings by his legs, his blood adorning the walls of Brent's cell, his universe half-formed. Each drop of blood identified the location of a different cult in the World of Progress.

All that remained of the project were Brent and Jane. Crantham had them locked in the recreation room together. Jane and Brent sat on the recreation room floor, waiting for what would happen next. Sleep soon overtook their bodies. He had decided he would not kill Jane after all, but instead destroy her mind and the world inside it. In his study Crantham sat patiently, thinking "Tonight we play out the end game, my children".

It was not an ordinary beach, but a promenade of pain and suffering. Blood-drenched bodies floated on a sea of broken glass. White seagulls lay impaled on the rusted railings that lined the sea front. It was a child's dream gone sour, made twisted and evil. A wave of bodies and broken glass crashed against the shore to a chorus of dying gulls.

The wave retreated as fast as it came in, mocking laughter following it. Tide had ruined this world as he had ruined the dreams of the others, Brents included. This had been a child's dream, Jean Marceau's world, destroyed and perverted by the twisted mind of Tide. Brent knew Tide was there somewhere, waiting for him. Brent heard a scream and followed the sound to an old, broken-down barbers shop.

Tide was inside with Jane. She was strapped to the barber's chair with razor wire, her body slashed and broken, butchered without mercy. Tide looked at Brent.

Momic - Nightfall Games | SLA Industries |

I saved the last cut for you". Tide handed Brent a knife and explained to Brent that he was not actually harming Jane's body. All the damage was in her mind. Brent told Tide to sit back and watch him perform the last stroke. As Tide sat in the chair, he found himself trapped by Brent's creativity. The chair swivelled to face the barber's mirror. Tide had committed irreversible damage to everything around him, and now, on everyone else's behalf, Brent was going to do the same to Tide.

The blood-splashed mirror showed the results. Brent had skinned Tide's face, almost to the bone in places. He had shredded the cheeks and cut the nose out completely. Brent had decided that this horror was no longer Tide; Tide was a caring and protective person, friend. What sat in the chair was an uncaring monster, a killer, an animal, a slayer.

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